Akamai University Worldwide Fundraising Event

Uplifting Practice, Education & Research through Innovative Projects 4 All!

Accepting donations for furthering the mission, vision and goals of Akamai University in practice, education and research - dedicated to uplifting the human and planetary health including achieving universal equality for all and sustainability.

Mission - The mission of AU is to provide exemplary quality higher education, research practice worldwide, primarily through distance learning.
Goals - There are three primary goals:
  1. Exemplary education programs including degree - bachelor, masters, doctorate, certificates, seminars and continuing education.
  2. Scholarly research by faculty and students.
  3. Innovative community projects improving the human condition, diversity & inclusion / ensuring racial equality / justice for all, and sustainability of the planet.

We need your help to challenge the status quo and upgrade through a heart - centered multi-dimensional approach to serve all - the poor as well as the rich, the under educated as well as the privileged well educated, the displaced persons from within our country as well as from around the world respecting all cultures as well as well spiritual views and practical as well as lofty goals that are compatible with service to others rather than self-serving agendas.

If any questions or comments, contact Dr. Mary Jo Bulbrook, Akamai University President. 

eMail: [email protected]

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